Is a series of programs for teaching how we achieved independence, how we, as Americans have dominated in industry, technology and raced for the moon.  How, by our discoveries, we have eliminated polio from even the poorest of remote villages.  Yes, sharing Americanism with our young students is to promote the understanding of our history and inspires them by example.

American leaders have been influential in world societies, they have encouraged Americans to show, by example of believing in principle, the spirit of the American people.  This "spirit" is nurtured and fed by our young people for it is only thru them that we reinvent our Americanism.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence was no small event, George Washington, our first President, did not lightly commit to the cause of independence from King George and England.  The patriots in Philadelphia and Boston did not suffer fatalities and losses without considering whether independence was a virtuous cause.  President Lincoln, years later did not resolve that these United States of America were one union without much pontificating of the gravity of those words.

President Roosevelt, who could barely stand and walk did not without profound thought, address Congress and announce the demolation of our Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor - "a day that will live in infamy".