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Gold Country's Historic - Grass Valley

June Bulletin 2020

All Meetings of the Lodge are cancelled 
Until Jun 9, 2020

Tuesday Jun 9 - 9:00am

(lodge Social Quarters)

Mask Required

Trustees will hold a special meetings for All Officers and members

to discuss protocols and procedures to re-open.

Trustees Meeting
Tuesdays 4pm


House Committee Meetings

To Follow Trustee Meetings
approx 5:30pm
PER Meetings
​​Regular Lodge Meetings


1 & 3rd Wednesdays
Social Quarters 6-7p
700pm Meeting
​Reservations Call
email: secretary@grassvalleyelks.org

from the Haps....The Trustees held a special meeting on 5/29/20 and decided that due to the questionable liability coverage from our insurance carrier and for your protection - the Lodge building, with their regrets, must be locked. 

The Lodge building, at the direction of our Trustees, is locked.  Your key card, both old and new will not work. Special arrangements have been made for Secretary, Treasurer, Apartment Mgr and Exalted Ruler.
If you feel access to the building is necessary, please email the Secretary@grassvalleyelks.org

This temporary action was deemed necessary, due to residual impacts from Covid19, non-specific information from Nevada County, State and Federal and a message from Vance DeWitt, DDGER who believes our Lodge liability insurance coverage may be void if an accident occurs at the Lodge involving a "non essential" worker/volunteer, and IF we are out of compliance with Nevada County's "Covid19-Resilience Guidance".

The Trustees are seeking answers from the Grand Lodge, the County as well as other California counties who, we've been told have opened with the blessing from their local County officials and they are in the same "Stage" of reopening.

Nevada County is processing rapidly thru Stage 2 and has begun opening businesses in Stage 3.  Our Lodge will re-open as soon as clarification on rules for "private member clubs," and their facilities, is received and we are permitted to do so.

All of us are anxious for re-opening but want you and your Lodge to remain safe and in compliance.  Your understanding is appreciated.

Other Lodge News

Membership cards have been mailed, if yours was not received please call 273 9228 or email


JoAnn Boterro, Leading Knight has stepped up to Exalted Ruler as we received the sad news of Brian Hoyle's resignation at the special Trustee meeting held on May 29.

At the next Lodge meeting, pursuant to Rules of the Order, nominations and election date for Exalted Ruler will be announced.

On behalf of our Lodge, thank you Brian, for stepping up during a time when much was demanded of you and for your guidance, time and caring you gave.

Also, upcoming PER Jim and June Darnell, Trustees have announced their happy future travel plans, which will keep them from attending Trustee, House and Meetings of the Lodge.

Jim made this announcement with mixed emotion and they are both dedicated to staying until the Lodge is re-opened and their positions can be filled by election. 

Their absence will be sorely missed as they have both been strong contributers for our Lodge.

The Lodge is looking for member candidates who would be interested in enthusiasticly stepping forward.  The Trustee position is very important as it deals with our property and assets they are also part of the House Committee and they deal with our Lodge Activities and club functions.

Wanna learn more/call the Lodge at 273 9228

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Grass Valley Elks Lodge 538

109 S. School Street

Grass Valley, CA 95945

530 273 9228